Tsuki Dream
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The young woman smiled as she saw the grayish tombstone in the town cemetery, she feels nervous, the feeling that always appear whenever she meets him. Jung Soojung was walking closer towards the tombstone when she realized that snow has fallen down onto the top of her head.
Hundreds of memory flashed above her head, forcing itself out from something that she buried deep inside her being, something she tried to forget. Soojung hated how pathetic she was, but a stronger feeling blocks the hatred itself. She smiled wryly.
She let a long deep sigh before she rummaged her bag quickly, looking for an umbrella among her useless stuff inside it. The brunette sighed in relief when she found what she needs. Pulling her umbrella harshly, she walked closer to the tombstone and kneeled down slowly, letting a soft voice of hers slip from her thin lips…
“Hello, Sehun. How are you?”


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